Spotted this new butique that just opened up in the Bronx on 149th &3rd avenue they sell the baddest #costumejewelery (Taken with Instagram)

So I was shopping with my SIS today in this store called “lucky21” on 3rd avenue & 105th street and spotted these bad ass pat&leather spiked heels for$35…#Baad :) (Taken with Instagram)

"Yep, it’s true! I already posted this to the Scandalous Beauty Facebook Page, but figured it should go here too! You have the opportunity to take FREE makeup classes at Make Up For Ever in NYC or LA! You probably need to already be a part of their Pro program (aka have a Backstage Card). I don’t"

Make Up For Ever Hosts FREE Makeup Classes for Pro’s in February

Face Facts

This would make the cutest outfit/H&M (Taken with Instagram)